Thursday, February 18, 2016

Logo in Site Settings

All our subscribers are welcome to try and comment on our newest improvement of the process for changing a BlueMelon logo for a custom picture of your choice. From now on, the single-step process is always at hand in under the  "Homepage" tab of your "Site Settings". There is a new section Header & Footer that speeds up your access to all relevant customization features.

Our changes in the logo are multifaceted. Not only it is now simpler and faster to customize the logo for every album at once, you may choose the BlueMelon to set almost everything for you. In the new section, you can directly upload a picture from your hard drive, choose its dimensions manually or automatically, and set the url to which it will lead.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Improved Watermarks

Our latest change reflects our permanent goal to provide you with a state-of-the-art and aesthetic protection for your priceless photos. The new watermarks ("Customize" >> "Watermarks") page offers a simplified interface that makes creating watermarks a straightforward activity. The responsive design makes certain, that no matter your device or browser settings, you will always find everything.

Of course, improvements in the interface are only secondary to the newly introduced options and the final effect that our improved watermarks have on your photos. The text watermarks among other things allow you to choose from 9 fonts. You can also upload your own logo and/or text as the basis for the image watermark. The image watermarks allow you to set the percentage width and opacity in addition to its position.

Furthermore, you can now preview your watermarks as they are scaled in relation to the photo resolution with a single click. These changes are applied to old watermarks automatically.

For more information, check our support.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Simple and Complex Price List

For some time, we have been analyzing the way you use price lists and how it can be improved. After simplifying licenses and product pricing, we are now offering you to choose between two price lists modes. The Simple Price list is especially useful for any newcomers to bluemelon.

The new Simple price list provides all the essential tools for you to sell downloads in under a minute. Whether you want to sell downloads of your photos, videos or even whole albums, all you need is to set the prices and a default price list for your account is created in the chosen currency and under a chosen license.

Switching to the Complex price list mode widens the range of options. In this mode, you can manage prints, download product details, packages and self-fulfilled products in the familiar way.

These modes are not compatible.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Improved Album Statistics

Following our user's suggestion, we have changed the way the most visited albums are displayed. Now there is no limit on the number of albums displayed allowing you to see all albums viewed during the last 30 days in a comprehensive list. The functionality and simple design you are used to remains.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Simpler Pricing

The results of our latest effort can be summarized as significantly faster download product pricing both in the creation and management phase. When you look at the new Price lists, you will immediately notice the "Duplicate" option for any existing price list. Using this option copies all settings except assignment to a new template. This allows you for example to create a basic template upon which you build your other price lists.

Once you start creating/editing a Price list, you will be offered the same options for assigning the price list, featuring products, filtering and batch pricing. The changes are present in the Photo Download, Video Download and Album Download sections of the Products. Every row now describes also the size in which the product is being sold. You also have the option to change it right in the price list and by editing the title, you can also choose a different license to be used with the product.

To manage your licenses, you only need to go to "Selling" >> "Licenses".

In this way, we have been able to completely eliminate the need to manage your download products separately and can provide you with truly integrated price lists.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Email Confirmation for New Registrations

From now on, you can ensure that every visitor registration you receive will lead to a correct and working email address. If you choose to require an email confirmation from your newly registered visitors, they will only have to follow the link received in an email to complete the process.

Your visitors can also benefit from this feature by checking that your invitations and any other messages do not end up in spam or somewhere else they are not supposed to be.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

New license management

Our newest update concerns two aspects of license management. Firstly, it introduces custom licenses as opposed to pre-defined ones. This prevents confusion or inadvertent changes to basic license types and provides better consistency for you and for BlueMelon customers. Also, all download products now have a license as a consequence.

Secondly, license editing is separated from the download products. Download products contain only simple drop-down menu where you can select the license type you wish to use. To preview pre-defined or create a custom license, you need only go below the list of your download products.

This reorganization makes creating download products faster and clearer. Furthermore, you are now able to manage all licenses more efficiently. You can create more than one custom license and assign it to multiple download products without any copying.