Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Redesigned Album and Photo Views

Our recent changes reflect our effort to provide you with the largest photo size possible and the least obtrusive information panel fully functional also on your mobile devices.

For the single-photo view, we have moved the information panel below the photo and reorganized its contents with specific attention to comments. The whole left half of the information panel now serves to display comments and basic information about a photo offering almost unlimited space. The right half provides more interactive tools like a map, if a location is assigned to a photo, featured products, or photo details with the option to display the full Exif information.

Alongside the major improvement in comments, description and photo information display capabilities, our update enhances the experience for all mobile devices users.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New options for selling downloads

Our newest addition to downloads introduces new sizing options and redesigns the page for more comfortable use and better adaptability for different displays.

From now on, it is possible to restrict the resolution of the download product using percentage size of the original picture. The option to use width and height in pixels remains as well, allowing you to combine both options so that the scaled down download product will be checked against the maximum resolution afterwards. This way, you can combine different photo resolutions within a single album and still achieve optimal downgrading results for your download products. Thus you can offer truly subtle pricing system.

The new design follows in the footsteps of other bluemelon pages providing support for different devices and simplicity that is our trademark.

If you have ideas about further improvements, post them at this site. We promise you we will discuss them and implement them if possible.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Registrations are becoming Sub-Accounts

We are upgrading visitor registrations into fully working sub-accounts. The main perk of this upgrade is an improved functionality for both visitors and photo owners. This change will also allow us to build further upon this feature bringing you a unique customer-seller interface.
Once your visitor comes to your bluemelon site, she/he will be able to log in to her/his own sub-account using the registration panel. If she/he is not already registered, an email and password are required to sign up. The registration allows the photos owner to easily view any photos liked or purchases made by the particular visitor.
Sub-accounts are very simple visitor-specific accounts. They do not include storage, no confidential data are required, and each sub-account is connected with a specific bluemelon account only.
Now, you and your visitors have a great way to communicate.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Most Visited Albums

We have added a new information panel to your Traffic Statistics. The new addition underneath the graph offers you a simple table of the 10 most visited albums in the past 30 days with links to access them and the number of visitors. Thus, the traffic statistics is now better integrated with your actual albums and can serve to access them.

Please note that in order for an album to show, it has to be visited at least once.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Redesigned Slideshow

You can now enjoy a faster, simpler, and more elegant slideshow

The new version is no longer dependent on flash, the navigation icons were replaced, and is only one click on the "Slideshow" button away. The most significant improvement is in its fullscreen mode and the swipe ability on touch devices. Enjoy !

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to Journal

Our newest addition to the album styles represents the essence of simplicity - photos that are organized one under another. This option is ideal for albums containing at most dozens of large resolution photos. You will also enjoy it to display photos from your travels whether or not you include extensive description for each photo.

The “journal” album style (“Album Settings” >> “Album Layout”) offers your visitors the largest available resolution of your photos fitted to the visitor’s browser width. It is restricted to a single page, therefore the loading time may become an issue especially for hundreds of photos. The second disadvantage is the lack of additional settings, you can only allow or disallow buttons, titles, descriptions and similar options.

With the “thumbnails“ and “combined“ designs, you or your visitor have the option to choose from three distinct album styles. Unlike the “thumbnails“ and “combined“ styles, you can not enter the single-photo view from the “journal“ album style.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sales By Day

We are bringing you a new way to review your sales statistics. In the reorganized “Selling” >> “Sales” page, you may now navigate either to “Sales Reports” or to “Sales by Day”.

As the names suggests, the new report is organized by date. At the bottom, you can find the summary for the displayed month. The familiar navigation allows you to page through the months and clicking any date, in which any order was processed, displays the order(s) and allows you to review its/theirs details.

At the bottom of the page, you can see an easily customizable graph. Not only you can display a graph for "sales count", "sales profit", or "cancelled (sales) count" for a longer time period, you may simply zoom the range with your mouse and either print or download it.

The Sales by Day report thus shows both clearly organized data and their separately customizable visual representation as well.  Together with the existing Sales Reports and Traffic Statistics it provides the information base for your successful business operation.