Friday, April 4, 2014

Enhanced Album View

Our latest update improves the behavior of the two album views - thumbnails and combined - with a variety of displays. Also, it allows you a more detailed configuration of the views including the ratio and spacing of the photo thumbnails.

To access the new options, simply navigate to the respective “Settings” >> “Album Layout” page. There are five photo sizes available for “thumbnails” album style and two for “combined”. With the addition of multiple photo ratios and the new photo spacing options, the possibilities are incredible.

Although the changes might seem minor, the flexibility of the design was improved significantly to allow the transition of your content from mobile devices to the biggest screens without the slightest break.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Design Updates

We have made another stride to use the full potential of your screens to present your photos.

There are two basic album layouts to choose from - “thumbnails“ and “combined“. Simply open the “Customize” >> “Album Settings” >> “Album Layout” section for a specific album or the “Customize” >> “Site Settings” >> “Album Layout” for your default albums and choose.

The "thumbnails" view offers an unrestricted view of the maximum number of photo thumbnails fitting the width of your browser window with only album-relevant options. The combined view offers both - photo thumbnails on the left and the selected photo displayed on the right.  The combined view also displays photo-relevant options below the photo - like comments, likes, featured products, or descriptions, if allowed. You as an owner can access the tools for the photo.

The single-photo view has been simplified too. The new design allows more space for text, that does not disturb the photo and can be easily hidden. Tools and other menus were moved to the bottom of the information panel on the right.

"Album - Tools" have been divided among the "Customize" and "Organize" menus at the top.

More is to be expected soon.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to Collage

Following our user’s suggestions we have advanced and further diversified the customization options for album and category thumbnails. The newest customization introduces two main layouts :  GRID and COLLAGE.

As can be expected, the Grid layout uses the previously introduced design - cropping your album thumbnails and placing them into a regular grid - providing the least distraction and, from now on, disabling descriptions.

On the other hand, the Collage layout uses the original ratio of your photos, which can be combined with descriptions under the album thumbnails, to create a unique composition. The variety of such compositions is without limit, all you need to do is to alter the ordering of the albums, turn on or off the descriptions, or choose few different covers with different size ratios and the layout changes significantly. 

If you have more ideas on improving the design, post them here.

Monday, February 3, 2014

New Full-album Download

We have completely renewed the way you download whole albums. The new way is faster, more reliable, and you can use it to send links to anyone you wish directly.

If the "Download" button is enabled for all visitors, they can now generate their own zip files and download the contents of an album within seconds. All they need is either to be logged in and the system will retrieve their email address to send them the link, or enter the email address they wish to use. Additionally, once the zip file is created, the downloaded can be started directly from the link in the panel.

You can download the zip file for three days as many times as you need. The contents conform with the maximum resolution accessible on the site including watermarks. Therefore your content remains protected.

This is just another time-saver from many to follow.

For more details, see our support article.

Monday, January 27, 2014


We have just released an important expansion to our existing services - full video support with its own player, selling settings, protection and viewing capabilities and many more.

The video capability is available to all subscribers, and its only limitation is the maximum file size currently at 10 GB. Using our Basic Uploader or FTP, you can upload almost any video file, play it directly on the site, and sell it using a business model of your choice.

Our video player will by default automatically use the best quality for your browser window. However, you can easily choose the quality that suits you.

As an owner, you can limit the resolution of your videos and/or allow only the first 30 seconds to play. You can guard the access to the original video with a password and/or offer it for sale.

Our integrated player plays videos up to HDTV resolution, but originals with bigger resolution are downloadable or can be sold. This makes our service unique and shows how much we care to store your original data.

Photographers can now use three album pricing methods : for  Photos, for Photos and Videos, and for Videos. This makes it possible to combine photos and videos in a single album and still differentiate the pricing for various orders.

To help you keep track of your visitors, you can see the video views in your traffic  statistics.

Be ready for more,

your BlueMelon team

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Limits for Free Accounts

We have great news for everyone who uses or is planning on using our free account. The storage capacity has just been doubled to 2 GB and so was the maximum number of photos to 2000. Also, useful especially for clients who use their accounts for ordering downloads, we have extended the time required to log in before the account expires to one year.

If there was ever a time to try our services, it is surely now.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Download Links in Order Details

We are constantly trying to improve the delivery of the download links to your clients while providing the highest security for your photographs.

We often receive complaints about emails arriving late or not being delivered for a number of reasons that are outside of our reach.

With our recent update, your clients can receive the download links not only by email, but they can access them through their free account too. Clients, who are not registered, can easily create an account right during the checkout. Of course, registration is voluntary.

Furthermore, the free account allows your clients to display detailed information on all their orders and helps us to identify new ways to improve our services.