Friday, February 20, 2009

A ticket-based support system

I am happy to announce our new work: our support system is finally in the phase when we need your help to test it. The task was to create a support that is fast with no matter how many users, clear and also personal. I think we have managed it but it is for you to decide.

The system is easy to grasp; you post a question (together with a ticket) and any member of our staff who will feel capable of answering takes this ticket as his own until your question is fully answered. It is not the usual mess where all people give their brains or everybody waits for others to take action.

Who shall post the first meaningful question?

Your faithful BlueMelon team.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Customizable Layouts

We have finished another improvement concerning the way you and your visitors see your Photos. There are more ways to apply these layouts to your account; one of them is to use our “Quick access panels” that are behind the “Change look” links right after your Album categories and Albums in “My Photos” tab. The other way to change the settings is to visit the “Control Panel” tab.

In the “Quick access panels” there you may set whether to show category names, the dates for albums and categories, or you may change the icon style.

More options are found in the control panel including photos per page, hits and tabs showing or personal settings.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pro Accounts available

There is a new button next to the control panel shining announcing that a new version of BlueMelon account finally exists.

What is so special about it? Why to bother with upgrading? The Pro version has two answers to this: you are no more limited in storage space and the biggest picture that can be uploaded is 24 MB big. It may seem that those 24 MB are not enough but such a photo in JPEG can be printed on A1 paper format (100 x 70 cm) or even bigger.

This upgrade costs $24.95 per year for limited time only.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The breathtaking Slideshow released

We have implemented an important feature concerning photo viewing. While enjoying contents of any of your Albums there, in the upper right corner of your screen, is a button that allows you to taste your Photos in a slide and also in the full-screen mode. The first time I have seen our Slideshow I fell in love with it, especially with the rolling menu. The second thing I have done was moving the “speed” slider at the lowest and then at the highest possible setting.

I invite everyone to try our Slideshow. Feel free to comment on our efforts here in any way you like. But I fear I shall not change my opinion that easily.

You may access this feature through your individual Photos or through the album menu. Either way our Slideshow shows you photos from that certain Album.