Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comments on Photographs and Albums allowed

Our newest feature makes a big step towards the communicative members of our little family. From now on anyone, including non-registered users, may talk with authors about their Photos by posting a comment. This comment, together with a rating, can be attached either to a specific Photo or an entire Album.

For all those who don’t like spam, we have implemented the spam protection consisting of CAPTCHA images that requires the non-registered users to recognize and type a set of symbols in case they want to comment. And for those who don’t like comments at all, we have included the option to either disable them for all of the user’s albums in the “Control Panel” or for a certain album only in its “album settings” - a very useful thing when you want your family Photos “undisturbed” by others.

To read your new comments in the shortest possible time, we have included its sending to your e-mail address. You may disable this option in the “Control Panel”. Anyway, you shall be notified of new comments on your home page and you may review all the comments ever received in the new tab called “My Comments”.