Sunday, May 24, 2009

Colored Themes in their final look released

All colored Themes for free users are fully functional, it means that now you may change the lookout of your Homepage - "Your Photos" tab - and the coloring of your Albums with just a few clicks in "Control Panel". For easier management, "Control Panel" has also been arranged in a more logical way into these tabs: "Homepage", "Albums", "Photos", "General Settings" and "Organize in Categories". To manage the Themes, you have to access either the "Homepage" tab or the "Albums" tab, as the Themes can be chosen separately for these two groups. Or you may choose another coloring for a specific Album in Album "Settings" or by clicking the "Change look" button.

The Themes determine the visual appearance of a chosen window by applying different color saturations to its background, frames, or the like. Sometimes the best effect can be reached by applying similar color as the one in your Photos like choosing the Green Theme for your "forest" Album. But if you have simple line art Photos, a better way may be in choosing opposite colors, something that strengthens the Photo simplicity by "blackness".

We are planning to release another set of elegant Themes soon, but only available to our Pro users.

Do not forget to click the “Save” button for your changes to take effect when using “Control Panel” and sometimes even reload your windows because some of the browsers load your previous coloring from theirs memory.

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