Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flash-based alternative to Java uploader released

There is a fourth uploader available to choose from. It requires Flash 10 to work but it manages things like Full-screen mode or Creating New album together with its access mode. In a case your Flash is older it enables you a direct update to the newest version.

We have tried to design a functional and easy to work-with design. Thus we have split the whole uploading process to three steps - each one required by the other uploaders as well - but this time only fulfilling the first step allows you to proceed further and so on. The first step is choosing an album or - a new time-saving feature - creating one and setting its access mode using the uploader. The second step is the addition of your Photos and the third step is starting the upload process.

As usual, you may add titles, description and tags during the second step and see whether your Photo has been uploaded already or not. But with our Flash Uploader you may work in the full-screen mode to view your Photos without the browser’s buttons.

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