Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Edit your photos using Picnik

Finally, the day has come for the BlueMelon users to have the possibility of editing the photos they have stored on our servers. The editing is made available using the Picnik service : you open the photo you wish to edit and select "Edit with Picnik" from the "Tools" drop-down menu ...

... whereafter you are redirected to the Picnik web-site and you are presented with your photo ready for editing.

The very first time you use Picnik does require something of a patience (due to several seconds worth of loading the applet) but do not let this discourage you : after you have downloaded it once, there is almost no waiting time therafter (only the time required for your photo to be transfered) because your computer just needs to run it instead of downloading it anew - unless you are a cache-cleaning freak, that is.

After you have finished altering your photo, all that you need to do to have the changes saved is click the "Save To BlueMelon" button in the top-right corner of the web-site. The web-site offers you the possibility to save the image anew instead of replacing the original and after you have choosen, you are taken back to BlueMelon ...

... after re-freshing the view, you can see that the edited photo has been uploaded back to the server and is now among your BlueMelon photos.