Thursday, July 23, 2009

Have your photos printed

We have just integrated printing services :  we have partnered with ezprints, Inc. and for a start we currently offer prints, posters and canvases.

To your shopping cart, you can add either individual photos or all of the photos contained within an album. To do this, all you need to do is click the "Buy!" button in the menu in the right top corner of the web-site. If you choose to buy an album, it will be equivalent to performing the whole of the operation on each of the photographs contained within the album. The opation is quite simple and quick, but to do it for many photos individually, it may be a bit tedious, so you may want to use the "Buy!" button on albums when buying many photos in the same manner.

After clicking on the button you are presented with a panel which makes it possible to choose a category of products and after choosing a category you may choose the quantity as of each of the products as shown below :

After having chosen products, that you whould wish to bear your photos, and the quantities of those, you may either close the panel or go right into the cart using the "Checkout" button.

You may also get to the cart at any time by clicking on the image of the cart in the topmost and rightmost part of the web-site and the panel, too, can be of course re-opened. The total price is displayed in the header on the right side of the panel.
In the cart you can view all of the items you have selected and change the quantities of any of them in one convenient view. Once you are satisfied with your selection and have chosen items worth at least $5, you may proceed to the "Shipping address" section, then to the "Shipping Method", and finally to the "Payment". Currently we support PayPal only, since we find it to be a way both safe and convenient for both participants.

We are currently working on the implementation of other products as well.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

BlueMelon now supports geotagging

From now on, whenever you upload a photo in whose EXIF information there is stored the location information, the location will be shown on the map on the photo-viewing page. All maps used are using the google maps technology. The users have also the possibility to display a greater map using the "Enlarge Map" link, so that it is easier for them to see the place in its context.

Concering the BlueMelon Importer :  the importer, too, supports geotagging so when you have already geotagged your photos using a different service, you will not lose this information either since it shall be imported.

For those who have not got access to anything such as a camera, mobile phone or just a separate device to provide them with GPS location information, BlueMelon offers the possibility of choosing the location manually on the map together with the possibility of looking up an address. The location information can also be at any juncture of time removed using the "Remove from the map" link. To get the window show below to open, all you need to do is click on the "Edit Location" menu entry from the "Tools" drop-down which is visible in the screenshot above.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Import your photos from Flickr, Picasa or Facebook to BlueMelon

There is a new tab in the "Upload" section - namely "BlueMelon Importer". If you happen to think that BlueMelon is the right service for you and have heretofore used an other, this is a feature you will most assuredly like to use. The importer is Flash based, but this Adobe package is almsost omnipresent and available for download anytime.

All one needs to do is to login to the service via the importer, load the albums and press the "Import" button. Not only are the photos transfered in the full size available on the other service's servers ;  privacy settings, titles, desriptions and tags are imported as well. Our Importer imports also the geotagging information from the services that support it themselves, so you need not fear that you would have to do through the process of geotagging your photos again just because you have decided to choose BlueMelon as your new photo sharing service.

The presently supported services are Flickr, Picasa,  and Facebook , but support for other common and better-known services is being implemented.