Thursday, July 9, 2009

Import your photos from Flickr, Picasa or Facebook to BlueMelon

There is a new tab in the "Upload" section - namely "BlueMelon Importer". If you happen to think that BlueMelon is the right service for you and have heretofore used an other, this is a feature you will most assuredly like to use. The importer is Flash based, but this Adobe package is almsost omnipresent and available for download anytime.

All one needs to do is to login to the service via the importer, load the albums and press the "Import" button. Not only are the photos transfered in the full size available on the other service's servers ;  privacy settings, titles, desriptions and tags are imported as well. Our Importer imports also the geotagging information from the services that support it themselves, so you need not fear that you would have to do through the process of geotagging your photos again just because you have decided to choose BlueMelon as your new photo sharing service.

The presently supported services are Flickr, Picasa,  and Facebook , but support for other common and better-known services is being implemented.

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