Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A simpler version of the SlideShow released - SlideShow Light

Here and hereafter, there is a new feature available for the BlueMelon users to make their photos easier to be noticed : a lighter and simpler version of our SlideShow. This SlideShow does not replace the former, they are two distinct features.

We have developed SlideShow Light because many users requested a simple and fast-to-load slideshow for their images. SlideShow Light can be used either on your BlueMelon homepage or embedded and displayed on your own website.

It is possible to obtain the HTML code for a SlideShow Light using the "Share" button which you can see on each album's page. Then, all you need to do is paste the code into the code of your website and you will have the SlideShow Light displayed wherever you want.

The SlideShow is the very same that can be seen on the BlueMelon's homepage. To get a like of that on your own BlueMelon homepage, it is enough to open an album and choose the "Featured Slideshow" menu entry from the "Tools" menu located at the top of the web-site.

The SlideShow's background and border are rendered according to the current theme of your homepage. This is what it looks like with the "True Black" theme :

... if you move the mouse pointer over the SlideShow, you can see the "Change Look" button, as long as you are logged in. This button opens a quickpanel that makes it possible for you to choose the size of the SlideShow and the time interval that should elapse for the next photo to appear.

It is also possible to have the SlideShow of an album containing only one photo - thus one might get a nice big photo at the top of one's homepage.

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