Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You may now re-order your albums as well

The - although maybe seemingly petty - quite desired feature of changing the order of the user's albums has been recently implemented. The BlueMelon users could heretofore arrange only the photos within the albums but now they can also order the albums themselves.

The former can still be achieved using the "Arrange Photos" entry accessible via each photo's "Tools" menu which opens the album's "Settings" on the "Order photos" tab - there it is possible to arrange them using the Drag&Drop feature.

The latter can be achieved using the "Arrange Albums" button which is displayed on the right side of each category view as can be seen in the screenshot below :

... after clicking the button, the user is presented with an interface similar to the one shown below, where it is possible to arrange the albums :

... the changes affect the category or the user's homepage immediately after an album has been dropped to a new position :

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