Saturday, October 31, 2009

BlueMelon offers RSS feeds

BlueMelon now offers RSS feeds. An RSS feed is an information-stream presented in a simple manner so as to be an efficient way of making news known without too much information and data transfer. These feeds are generally viewed using special applications called "feed readers", but most of today's browsers support reading RSS as well. If you happen to be awaiting a friend's upload of an album's worth of photos, you may prefer checking out the stream to periodical checking of the friend's homepage and categories.

There are currently two feeds available for BlueMelon users :  "Latest Public Items" and "Latest Album Updates". The former contains the list of a user's latest uploaded photos and the later contains the list of a user's albums the contents of which were most recently updated. You can access the URLs of both of the current feeds using the new "Feeds" menu located at the top of a user's homepage as can be seen in the screenshot below :

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BlueMelon integrates the Twitter service

Twitter users are now offered a new feature, in much the same way the Facebook users were offered one about a month ago.

It is possible to share one's photos easily and quickly on Twitter using the "Share on Twitter" button from the "Share" menus accessible when viewing one's BlueMelon homepage, album, or photo. If not yet logged in, a form is displayed to the user making it possible to log in. After an user is logged in, a QuickPanel will appear, where it is possible to specify the text of the tweet :

There is the 140 characters text limit for a tweet and the BlueMelon users can choose to include in it the URL of their homepage, album, or photo either as the original full URL or the shortened version thereof. It is, of course, also possible not to include any URL in the tweet at all. This is what the resulting tweet looks like with a default Twitter account :

Long days and pleasant sharing unto you!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You may now send invitations to your friends to see your photos

The BlueMelon users can from now on invite their friends via e-mail to come and have a look at their photos or albums. This new feature is accessible via the "Share" button located in the top toolbar and is accessible only to the owner of the photo or the album :  other users will not have the option of inviting people to come and watch your photos or albums - the right to do so is solely the owner's.

... once you have chosen the "Invite by Email" entry, you are presented with a QuickPanel similar to the one in the screenshot below.

Each BlueMelon user may maintain an address book which is displayed in the left side of the QuickPanel window. There one may add contacts, remove them or choose some or all of them to be sent an invitation.

By clicking on a name (the left-most column in the address book), the thereto assigned address is included in the recipients list and will be among those to receive the current invitation. Should you decide not to include someone after having added them to the list, you may use the "remove" link to exclude them from the list again. You may specify the subject of the e-mail invitation as the recipients will receive it and you may specify a short message to be sent with the invitation.

In every invitation sent this way, there is a link that overrides any privacy settings applicable to the album or photo in question. This means that if you invite someone to have a look at your private album, the invitation will make it possible for the invited people to view that one private album. The same principle applies as far as unlisted and password protected photos and albums are concerned - which means that using such link it is possible to access a password protected album withou actually knowing the password.

Be aware of the fact that the people you invite can share the special link with other people, thus having the possibility of giving the access rights to people who you maybe do not want to have them, so :  be careful when choosing whom to invite.

The invitations are by default valid for the time period of a year since the time that they have been sent. However, it may happen that you - for one reason or another - decide that you no longer wish anyone to have access to the album or photo that you have invited them to view :  for such cases there is the option of deleting an invitation using the "My Invitations" page. This page is accessible by choosing the "Sent Emails" entry accessible via the "My Stuff" menu. Here you may delete any invitation using the "remove" link at the right side of every one. After it has been removed, the special link will not give anyone access anywhere.

Via this page, you may also access each invitation's details, including its expiration date, the list of recipients, the message sent with the invitation and the number of times the invitation has actually been used.

We hope that you will put this new feature to a good use and enjoy it.