Tuesday, October 13, 2009

BlueMelon integrates the Twitter service

Twitter users are now offered a new feature, in much the same way the Facebook users were offered one about a month ago.

It is possible to share one's photos easily and quickly on Twitter using the "Share on Twitter" button from the "Share" menus accessible when viewing one's BlueMelon homepage, album, or photo. If not yet logged in, a form is displayed to the user making it possible to log in. After an user is logged in, a QuickPanel will appear, where it is possible to specify the text of the tweet :

There is the 140 characters text limit for a tweet and the BlueMelon users can choose to include in it the URL of their homepage, album, or photo either as the original full URL or the shortened bit.ly version thereof. It is, of course, also possible not to include any URL in the tweet at all. This is what the resulting tweet looks like with a default Twitter account :

Long days and pleasant sharing unto you!

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