Saturday, October 31, 2009

BlueMelon offers RSS feeds

BlueMelon now offers RSS feeds. An RSS feed is an information-stream presented in a simple manner so as to be an efficient way of making news known without too much information and data transfer. These feeds are generally viewed using special applications called "feed readers", but most of today's browsers support reading RSS as well. If you happen to be awaiting a friend's upload of an album's worth of photos, you may prefer checking out the stream to periodical checking of the friend's homepage and categories.

There are currently two feeds available for BlueMelon users :  "Latest Public Items" and "Latest Album Updates". The former contains the list of a user's latest uploaded photos and the later contains the list of a user's albums the contents of which were most recently updated. You can access the URLs of both of the current feeds using the new "Feeds" menu located at the top of a user's homepage as can be seen in the screenshot below :

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