Monday, November 23, 2009

BlueMelon releases Bulk Organizer

Heretofore, when BlueMelon users wanted to re-assign a photo into a different album, they were required to either use the one-photo-at-a-time management tool or use one of the advanced uploaders (without actually having to re-upload the photos). Hereafter, they may achieve the same task in using much more convenient tool, the Bulk Organizer. Photos can be both added and moved to an album. This tool makes it also possible to change the selected photos' attributes without having to do so for each photo individually. The attributes that can be altered are :  descriptions, access modes, keywords, geo-location. It can also be used to delete photos, add photos into the Featured Photos list, and order prints. From now on, this is the only interface which makes it possible for you to access your unsorted photos (photos not assigned to any album).

The organizer is accessible in three ways :  by clicking the "Your Unsorted Photos" button on the user's homepage (if and when there are some unsorted photos present), by clicking the "Bulk Organizer" entry in the "Many Photos" section of the "Tools" drop-down menu accesible when viewing either an album or a photo. This is what the Bulk Organizer looks like :

In the left panel, there is a category-album tree view. In the right panel, there are two sections :  the first containing the photos assigned to the album selected in the left panel (or the unsorted photos, if the like-labelled entry is chosen) ;  the second containing the current selection for the bulk operations. Clicking any of the links below the second section results in a QuickPanel being opened - every QuickPanel will affect all of the photos in the second section. The selection can be cleared using the "Clear this batch" button and each photo can be individually excluded therefrom by its being dropped into the tree view which changes during a drag process as can be seen in the screenshot below :