Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Power Accounts available

A new type of account is availabe for BlueMelon users :  the Power Account. The basic function is the possibility of further customization of BlueMelon albums for advanced users. This type of account provides many new ways of customizing and personalizing your albums and BlueMelon homepage.

Having this account, you can have your homepage and albums displayed on a custom domain (which you need to own first). It also enables you to

  • change the title and URL of the BlueMelon navigation root link
  • place a custom HTML header code before, after, or completely replacing the original BlueMelon header
  • place a custom HTML footer code before, after, or completely replacing the original BlueMelon footer
  • add tags into the section of your BlueMelon pages
  • integrate Google Analytics into your BlueMelon pages
  • add your own CSS styles to be used for rendition of your BlueMelon pages

Below, you can see a BlueMelon album dsplayed on a custom domain, while the mouse pointer is above the second photo (the pointer is not visible, but in the status bar, you can see the link). Note that the theme, CSS style, header and footer can all be changed to exactly fit your needs.

All of the other Power Account's features match those of a Pro account so when upgrading from the Pro Account, you are not losing anything.

With the Power Account are the customization possibilities of your BlueMelon pages virtually unlimited.