Thursday, February 25, 2010

Category covers available

A new feature has been added :  category cover photos - they are much like the album cover photos but for categories.

The cover is set via a photo's "Tools" menu, by choosing "Use as Cateogry Cover..." as can be seen in the screenshot below :

... after clicking this entry, a category tree-view is displayed in which the user can choose for which category this photo should be displayed as the cover photo. In the following screenshot, a category with a cover ('AsddsA') and two without one can be seen :

Monday, February 22, 2010

New thumbnail sizes available

The BlueMelon users can now enjoy the new image thumbnails which are not cropped (squared) and they can choose between the old and the new ones. The same possibility has been implemented for album thumbnails with the same choice available.

The presently available album thumbnails are :

  • small (squared)
  • small (original)
  • medium (squared)
  • medium (original)
  • large

The presently available photo thumbnails are :

  • small
  • medium (squared)
  • medium (original)
  • large (squared)
  • large (original)
  • extra large
  • journal

In the screenshot below, you can see examples of both types of photo thumbnails :  cropped (top) and ones that are only scaled (bottom).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New view mode available

Henceforth, the BlueMelon users can easily choose between the three available view modes:
  1. album view
  2. combined view
  3. photo view
The album view and photo view, the users are already familiar with. Nevertheless, it is now much simpler and more intuitive to change the view mode between these two as well as it is possible to use the combined view.

The views can be changed using the buttons highlighted in the screen-shot below where it is also possible to see the combined view :

The dimensoins of the selected photo in the combined view as well as the bumber of photos in the left side of the view are determined by the size of the browser window. It is possible to use the keyboard , keys to select the preceding or the following photo in the combined view as well as in the photo view. Of course, it is also still possible to strech the views both horizontally and vertically.

All albums are opened in either the album view or the combined view - depending on which was the last one used.