Monday, June 7, 2010

Protect the originals of your photos with a password

Pro and power account users can hereafter enjoy the feature of limiting the resolution in which their visitors can access their images.

Presently, they can choose from 400x300, 600x450, and 800x600 as the maximum resolution in which their images will be accessible. This can be done in both, the Control Panel and each album's settings. When this setting is applied, the photos in a thus protected album are always resized to the chosen resolution and are not accessible in any resolution higher than that.

However, if they so decide, they can make the protected originals available after their visitors enter a password. The owner chooses a password and when someone wants to download a photo from a protected album in a higher resolution they are asked for the password - if they enter the correct password, they are granted access to the images in any resolution available for that photo. This applies to the full album downloader as well.

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