Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Detailed traffic statistics available

From now on, BlueMelon users are provided with statistics about the number of times their photos have been viewed during a given time period. The feature is available for all paid account types :  Pro, Power, and Enterprise. The statistics page is accessible via the "Traffic Statistics" menu entry in the "My Stuff" drop-down menu. BlueMelon records on a daily basis the number of times :

  • your photos have been viewed
  • your albums have been viewed
  • your homepage has been viewed
  • your photos have been viewed in their original resolution
  • your photos have been downloaded using the "Download" button
  • your photos have been downloaded using the album downloader
  • your photos have been viewed using the fullscreen slideshow

All of the above data are not affected by you as the owner while you are logged in :  the data are recorded for your visitors only, both registered and unregistered, so as to provide you with relevant information. The output is presented in the form of a chart for various time intervals and for time periods greater than or equal to three months, it is possible to arbitrarily zoom the chart using the mouse.

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