Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fast and easy photo editing

New photo editing features have been added : after clicking the "Edit Photo" entry in a photos' tools drop-down menu, an editing panel will be displayed above the photo - as you can see in the screenshot below :
You can rotate your photos by 90 degrees in both directions, and rotate them around both : horizontal axis and vertical axis. Multiple photos can be transformed in this way at the same time - all you need to do is choose another photo and apply a transformation. The transformed photos are automatically reloaded when a process has been completed.

The remaining buttons are : "picnik edit" - the photo will be loaded in an advanced off-site editor and reuploaded after you have finished editing it ; "replace" - which makes it possible for you to replace the photo by another one while preserving all of the BlueMelon data associated with the photo ; "undo all" - which will undo all of the transformations that you have performed.

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