Sunday, January 16, 2011

Theme designer is now available

There is a new feature available for Power and Enterprise users :  theme designer. If you do not like the defaultly available themes or if you need a specific color combination for your album or homepage, you can use the theme designer to create your own theme without any CSS or HTML coding.
The designer is accessible via 1. the "Theme Designer" entry from each album's "Tools" menu 2. the "Theme Designer" link at the bottom of the theme choice panel accessible from the "Select Theme" entry from the homepage's "Layout" menu.

Any theme you create can be used for an album or the homepage. You can create new themes, edit your existing themes, rename or delete them. The theme designer can be seen in the screenshot below ;  on the left side there is a preview section and on the right side there are theme settings :

You can change the preview page to your homepage or any of your albums or categories to see what it will look like. When you change a setting in the right-side panel, the changes are realtime updated in the preview section.

You can alter various properties of objects such as :  text colors, background colors and images, margins, border colors, and others. There are many combinations and it is completely up to you what themes you create.

After you have created and saved your theme, it will be listed under the "My themes" category among the default themes. The heretofore available themes are, of course, still ready to be used.

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