Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prepare shopping carts for your customers

From now on, enteprise account users can manage multiple shopping carts and share them with their customers. In the same manner their customers can share their carts with enterprise users.

You can manage your carts from the cart page, where you can find buttons making it possible to create new carts, save them under a name, rename them, or delete them.

Using the share functionality, you can send an e-mail to your customer, which will contain a special link that can activate the specified shopping cart on the customer's computer. If you are a customer, you can send an e-mail to an enterprise user if this user makes the relevant menu entry available from within the "Buy" menu. After a cart has been shared, both - you and your customer - can at any time view the cart or change its contents.

You can use this feature to help a customer fill the cart with your products, review a customer's cart, or just pre-fill the cart and make it possible for a customer to checkout easily and quickly.

This feature allows you either to send a prefilled shopping cart to a customer for easy and fast checkout,  or - since you both share one shopping cart - to help a customer fill the cart, apply coupons, choose items, set quantities and cropping.

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