Friday, March 13, 2009

Full album downloader

Have you ever tried downloading all the photos in a single album one by one? Either way it would have been a lot of boring work, wouldn't it? To give you a helping hand, we have created a single button for downloading all the photos within an album with just a few clicks. You may find the “download” button right at the top of every album.

After clicking the “download” button you are asked to choose a destination directory for your photos. You may also choose one of the three naming modes: “Original file name”, “Photo title” or “Numbering from 001”.

Furthermore, our downloader is able to resume previous downloading, were it cancelled or should it fail for whatever other reason, by recognizing already downloaded Photos in the destination directory.

If you wish to disable full album downloader for all or only some of your Albums, use the Allow Album Download drop-down menu in your “Control Panel” for all albums or same drop-down menu in “Album Settings” for a specific one.

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