Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Youtube gadget is available

You can now use a new homepage gadget :  "Youtube gadget". This gadget makes it possible for you to embed up to three Youtube videos in a row on your homepage. If you embed only one video, you can choose to either horizontally center the video, or align it to the left or right.

The section can have a title, you can set each video's dimensions in pixels, and you can also choose to display or hide the section's header.

All you need to embed a video is the video's URL or the video's embed code. You can get the embed code at Youtube and once you paste the code in the gadget settings panel, the relevant data are automatically extracted.

Just as any other gadget, this gadget can be added via the homepage's "Layout" drop-down menu. It can be added multiple times onto the homepage or any subcategory.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three new homepage sections available

There are three new homepage sections available :  "Recent Public Photos", "Most Popular Photos", and "Photos I Like". Each of the sections contains a selection of your public photos and a link to a special album-like page containing the whole set of photos. The special pages can also be accessed via an optional menu which contains their links and a link to your guestbook page as well. To enable or disable this menu, click the "Menu" entry in the homepage's "Layout" drop down menu.

  • "Recent Public Photos" contains your publicly available photos ordered by the upload date.
  • "Most Popular Photos" contains your publicly available photos ordered by popularity. You can choose the ordering based on "likes" only, or the ordering based on the number of likes, dislikes, and comments. The ordering setting is available via the section's "Change Look" menu.
  • "Photos I Like" contains all of the publicly available photos that you have marked as "liked" - including other BlueMelon users' photos.

The special pages linked from these sections behave in the same way albums do and are rendered in the same theme as your homepage.

Registration available

Power and enterprise users can now make it possible for their visitors to register with their BlueMelon accounts. The registration can be enabled for the whole account or for specific albums only. The registration can be mandatory or optional and the registration form consists of a heading and a message. During the registration you can request any of the following :  name, e-mail, phone number, and answers to three custom questions. Each of the fields can be required, optional, or hidden. You can also set up notifications so that you receive an e-mail every time someone registers with your account and you can have their e-mails automatically added to your BlueMelon contact list.

After your visitors have registered, they can view your photos if the registration is mandatory. Once someone has registered, you can see them from the "My Stuff" >> "Visitor Registrations" page. On this page, you can see all of your registered visitors, their details, and the photos that they have marked as "liked". You can also add visitors' e-mail addresses to your contact list or remove registrations.