Thursday, April 7, 2011

Three new homepage sections available

There are three new homepage sections available :  "Recent Public Photos", "Most Popular Photos", and "Photos I Like". Each of the sections contains a selection of your public photos and a link to a special album-like page containing the whole set of photos. The special pages can also be accessed via an optional menu which contains their links and a link to your guestbook page as well. To enable or disable this menu, click the "Menu" entry in the homepage's "Layout" drop down menu.

  • "Recent Public Photos" contains your publicly available photos ordered by the upload date.
  • "Most Popular Photos" contains your publicly available photos ordered by popularity. You can choose the ordering based on "likes" only, or the ordering based on the number of likes, dislikes, and comments. The ordering setting is available via the section's "Change Look" menu.
  • "Photos I Like" contains all of the publicly available photos that you have marked as "liked" - including other BlueMelon users' photos.

The special pages linked from these sections behave in the same way albums do and are rendered in the same theme as your homepage.

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