Saturday, May 21, 2011

Customize navigation on your homepage and in the footer

Now, you can customize links at the top of your homepage and also in the footer of all pages using the built-in pages, links to your albums, categories, or even external links - e.g. links to your own website.

The settings are available to power and enterprise account users via the "Menu Designer" entry which can be found in the homepage's "Tools" menu. Clicking this entry opens the "Menu manager" page in which you can add, remove, and drag&drop your custom menu entries. There are two menus available :  header and footer menu. The header menu can be seen on the homepage only and the footer menu is visible on all pages.

You can choose from four menu entry separators and you can create entries linking to either of the pages mentioned above. Albums and categories have a convenient selector so all you need to get a link is point-and-click on the chosen item.

When you do not want the menus displayed, you can simply de-activate them and have them prepared for later. You can see the designer below.

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