Sunday, August 21, 2011

Create custom content pages

From now on you can not only customize your header and footer, you can also completely manage the content in between them! This can be achieved via the "My Stuff" menu's "My Custom Pages" entry. On the settings page that opens, you can create an unlimited number of your custom content pages with their own title, url, and content. The management page features a word-like editor which supports direct HTML editing as well as basic text formating tools and image insertion. Your page's url is automatically pre-generated for you according to the title you specify, but you can set your own this by simply typing any character sequence to the url field - invalid characters will be automatically removed or replaced.

The BlueMelon's built-in pages cover many of your common needs, but if you need to step outside the box, the custom pages are here for you.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Theme import and export available

The theme designer has been improved to allow you to import and export your themes. Once you open the theme designer from the Control Panel or a theme selection panel, you will find two new buttons at the top of the designer page:  one for import and one for export.

These buttons load and save a theme from and to your computer respectively. You can use the feature to back-up your themes, or to share your themes with other users. While there are only built-in themes publicly available as of the time being, there are new themes being prepared and these will be soon to be available for you to download.