Monday, October 31, 2011

Enhanced order approvals

Enterprise users can now set up manual order approval for both, digital downloads and prints & gifts. By default, the orders are sent to the lab automatically, but you can set up either type to be approved manually.

As far as digital downloads are concerned, your customers will receive a pending approval message. Within 7 days, you can review the order and replace the ordered images with higher quality, resolution, or re-touched images. The customers will receive the download links after you have approved all files or after 7 days.

Prints & gifts work the same way, but you also have the possibility of correcting the cropping your customers chose. Within 7 days, you can review each order, change the cropping or replace the ordered images with images of higher quality or resolution. The order will be sent to the lab after you have approved all files or after 7 days.

The 7 days limit is implemented to prevent your customers from waiting too long in case you cannot approve some of your orders.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

iPhone and iPad Uploader released

We have realeased our official BlueMelon Uploader for iPhone and iPad. BlueMelon Uploader enables you to directly upload photos from your iPhone or your iPad to your BlueMelon Photo Sharing account. You can select an album to upload photos to and use one of the two upload methods :

  • upload multiple photos from your camera roll
  • automatically upload a photo immediatelly after you took it

The process is simple : after you have installed the application, you simply log in with your BlueMelon login and password, select an album and start the upload.

You can also enable the auto-login feature to simplify the process even further if you use only one account.

Friday, October 7, 2011

New cropping display in the cart

The cart display has been updated to make it easier for your customers to notice the current cropping of the prints and realize if they want to change it. The standard cropping link still works the same way and displays a panel that makes it possible for your customers to change the cropping to better fit their expectations. Clicking the print thumbnail with the cropping marker displays the same panel.

We hope your customers will find it easier and more comfortable to buy your prints. You can see a cart entry with the cropping marker below.