Monday, March 15, 2010

Collections released - the BlueMelon way to photo communities

From now on, the BlueMelon users can enjoy collections :  a collection is what you could think of as a shared album - any number of people can add photos to them - not only the collection creator.

In the screenshot below, a simple public collection with four photos can be seen :

Creation and joining

All collection management is performed via the "My collections" page which is accessible via the "My Stuff" menu - a sample page can be seen in the screenshot below :

There are three types of collections at BlueMelon:
  • Public, which anyone can view and anyone can join
  • Public, anyone can view, but only invited users can join
  • Private, which only members can view and only invited users can join

Once a collection has been created, its type cannot be changed anymore. This is what the "New collection" page looks like :

After clicking the "Join an existing Collection" link at the bottom of the "My Collections" page, you are redirected to the collection search page which can be seen in the following screenshot :


You can join or leave a collection at any time. If a user leaves a collection, or if an administrator removes the user from the collection, all of the user's items are removed from the collection as well.

Free users may create or join the maximum of three collections at a time while subscribers may participate in any number of collections. However, a single photograph may be - at the time being - added to the maximum of 30 collections.

You can add photos to a collection or remove them from one at any time. If you wish to do this in bulk, you can use the bulk organizer which makes it possible to manipulate several photos at once, even if they are placed in different albums.


The person who creates a collection, becomes its administrator. An administrator can invite others to join the collection, and remove existing members from the collection. An administrator can also remove individual photos from the collection.

In the screenshot below, you can see the Members panel which an administrator can use to remove a collection member from a collection :

To invite a user to join a collection, you can use the "Invite People" link, as long as you are an administrator of the collection.

If you wish someone to participate in your collection, you need to know either their BlueMelon nickname or the e-mail address they have provided BlueMelon with. After an invitation has been sent, the user receives an e-mail notification and an invitation is then visible on the user's "My Collections" page :

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