Sunday, December 4, 2011

A new access mode system

Much like the themes (which are now available for categories as well), the access mode system has been upgraded to give you greater control over what of your content can be accessed by whom.

  • you can still use the standard password protection on the account-wide level
    • when someone tries to access any of your content, they are asked to enter your chosen password
  • each of your categories (including your homepage) can have an access mode of its own (public, private, unlisted, password protected)
    • when you create a new album and do not explicitly specify its access mode, it will automatically use the access mode of its parent category (or the homepage)
  • your albums can either use their parent's access mode, or have their own specified (public, private, unlisted, password protected)
  • each of your photos either uses its parent's album derived access mode or can have its own specified (public, private, unlisted)

When you unlock an album on the homepage which is password protected, and there are other albums with the same derived access mode within the homepage, they will be automatically unlocked as well. This is to spare your visitors the need to enter the same password all over whenever accessing a new album within a password protected homepage.

All in all, both you and your visitors will have an easier time and you will enjoy more freedom in how to set up your access settings.

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