Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mobile interface has been updated

The whole BlueMelon mobile interface has been remade to better match the current design and usability standards, as well as support the wide variety of available mobile devices.

You can still switch between the mobile and the desktop interface, but you will find the mobile one to be much improved. New features for the updated mobile interface include :

The mobile interface now supports the voting 'like' button in albums where voting is enabled.

In the single-image view mode, you can swipe your finger to navigate among the photos on touch-enabled devices.

Support for visitor registrations where these are enabled has also been implemented.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Updated help section and a new support system

We have moved both the help and the support system to a new provider.

The support has been moved into an external service. When you use the Contact Us link from any BlueMelon page or the Email Us link at the right side of any help page, you will be presented with the new support interface. 

Before the email is submitted, the support system tries to intelligently suggest articles and questions from the relevant help section based on the content of your email in order to give you immediate answers whenever possible. People often ask the same questions which have been answered many times before. This may save your time by quickly finding solutions to your questions.

Moreover, the new support system makes it possible for you to easily write to us by replying to the support emails. You don't need to go to the support section to submit your replies anymore. You can also add attachments to your messages.

You can also use the new system to post a Public Question. If you feel your problem is of a personal character, simply use the first option. If you feel others may benefit from our answer, ask publicly.

The help has been updated and new sections have been added. You can browse the new help by topic or search.

We hope that the new help and support will help you use your BlueMelon account more efficiently and to the full.