Thursday, February 16, 2012

New styles available for photo home sections

The homepage sections whose content are lists of photos have a new display style and new settings available. These sections are :  Recent Photos, Most Popular Photos, Photos I Like, Featured Photos, and the Album Preview gadget. All of the sections are accessible via the homepage's "Layout" button.

There is a new style for you to choose from :  "full width". This style displays your photos in the full width of your homepage content. The photos are not stretched if they are smaller than the required width, but with this style there is only one photo per row even if the photos are smaller than the full available width.

You can display up to five rows of photos in any of the sections and you can also have the photo label - either the title or the description - displayed below each of the photos. Unlike any other of the display styles, the new "full width" style allows you to directly edit the displayed photo labels conveniently from your homepage.

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