Friday, May 18, 2012

All gadgets now available in categories

You can now use any of the homepage gadgets within any of your categories by using the "Layout" button. The albums section can now be disabled as well.

Why would you need this? Many photographers e-mailed us that they would prefer that their homepage contained just a slideshow, and that their albums contain the ready-to-use gadgets. Now, you can leave the root category empty, place all albums into a subcategory and activate the gadgets you want to use there.

You may wonder what the difference is between using the Unlisted privacy mode and hiding the whole album section.

First of all, you as the account owner will see the unlisted albums, but if you hide the album section, the albums within will be hidden for you as well. Also, even when the album section is hidden, the albums can still be easily accessed if your visitors open the "Albums" link in the top menu - as such, this does not offer the protection of the Unlisted privacy mode.

If you prefer a point-and-click navigation instead of the traditional browsing, you can also completely remove the album sections and let your users navigate  using the "Albums" link in the menu.