Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Set the minimum order price for your portfolio

Recently, some users have suggested on the BlueMelon feature suggestion page that the minimum shopping cart price should be configurable.

We have implemented a new setting labelled "order minimum ($)" which can be found in the Selling tab of the Control Panel.

The value is in USD, and when selling in a different currency, the value is automatically re-calculated according to the actual rates for USD and that currency at the time of sale.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Share or download your Albums as zip files

The album zip files are available to all subscribers and can be created for all albums whose total size does not exceed 1GB.

The photos within a zipped album can either be downloaded in the original from as they were uploaded, or you can restrict the maximum resolution they will be zipped in. All photos will be packed without watermarks regardless of your current watermark settings, since this is meant to be primarily a back-up and sharing solution for you.

To serve this purpose, a zip file can be private or published. A private one can be accessed only via the e-mail we send you when your file has been prepared, or using the Download menu. A published zip file is shown in the Download menu to all of your visitors as well. When publishing a zip file, be sure to remember that the files are not watermarked, .

A zip file can be created by opening an album, and clicking Download >> Create Zip File. Afterwards, you can specify the resolution, the privacy mode of the zip file, and start the file generation.

We will notify you by e-mail when your file has been prepared, since the creation of large zip files naturally takes some time. A created zip file exists for 14 days, and is afterwards automatically removed. If you prefer to delete the zip file before the 14 day period has elapsed, you can do so from the Download menu as well - as long as the file exists, the menu will contain a link to delete the file. You can of course have the file re-created at any time.

When a zip file has been created for an album, and you decide to create a zip file of another of your albums, you can do so by simply navigating to it, clicking the Download button, and afterwards clicking the entry to recreate the zip file for the current album. You will once again be notified when the file is ready.

A zip file is not automatically updated : if you change the contents of your album, the change will not be reflected in the zip file, unless you recreate the file using the Download menu.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Filter your sales, export sales as CSV

Recently, some users have suggested on the BlueMelon feature suggestion page that an export of past sales be implemented so that photographers can export their sales and afterwards import them to a spreadsheet or similar.

The feature is available by logging in and going to "SELLING" >> "Sales". The page contains a sales list, which can be filtered by two criteria :  product types and the time of sale. The product filter allows for filtering only certain types of sales :  Downloads, Prints & products, Full album downloads, Packages, or all of the options (no filter). The time of the sale can be filtered by several pre-defined values such as the last week, month, three months, etc. If the pre-defined time ranges do not suit your needs, you can define a custom time range to filter by.

After you have filtered the sales list to contain the sales you want, you can export them using the "Download CSV" link available in the "Filtered Summary" section. This new option is also available for the "All-time Summary" section, allowing you to export your all-time sales disregarding the filter.

Clicking the link initiates a download of the exported data. The export data format is CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) and is a format supported by many standard data processing tools and spreadsheet editors.