Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Filter your sales, export sales as CSV

Recently, some users have suggested on the BlueMelon feature suggestion page that an export of past sales be implemented so that photographers can export their sales and afterwards import them to a spreadsheet or similar.

The feature is available by logging in and going to "SELLING" >> "Sales". The page contains a sales list, which can be filtered by two criteria :  product types and the time of sale. The product filter allows for filtering only certain types of sales :  Downloads, Prints & products, Full album downloads, Packages, or all of the options (no filter). The time of the sale can be filtered by several pre-defined values such as the last week, month, three months, etc. If the pre-defined time ranges do not suit your needs, you can define a custom time range to filter by.

After you have filtered the sales list to contain the sales you want, you can export them using the "Download CSV" link available in the "Filtered Summary" section. This new option is also available for the "All-time Summary" section, allowing you to export your all-time sales disregarding the filter.

Clicking the link initiates a download of the exported data. The export data format is CSV (Comma-Separated-Values) and is a format supported by many standard data processing tools and spreadsheet editors.

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