Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Category support added to FTP Upload

Seeing the FTP use spread so rapidly, we have decided to help it to recognize the complete album-category hierarchy.

Since FTP itself can not distinguish between albums and categories as it knows only folders, the only way to go was to use a fixed prefix for categories. We have chosen the prefix (CAT). Now, thanks to the prefix, you can work with your complete category and album structure. This prefix is displayed via FTP only and is not a part of the category name.

This improvement makes it possible to create an album in the correct category and upload photos to it without even opening the bluemelon site.

Here is a list of what you can do with FTP now :
  • Create new albums and categories
  • Rename albums and categories
  • Move albums and categories
  • Delete empty albums and categories
  • Upload to any of your albums

To create a new category, you must use the category prefix (CAT) to inform the system that you are creating a category and not an album. The prefix will not be included in the category name outside the FTP client.

Please note that creating or moving categories or albums within an album will not work. Categories or albums can only be created in a category.

Also, please note that uploading is possible only to albums. Uploading to a category will result in an error.

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