Thursday, February 21, 2013

New and improved Single Photo View

Welcome to the improved single photo view. From now on, the photos take all the available space of the window – exactly as it should be – there are no advertisements, no jumping windows, only a photo and a chosen theme in the background.

Once you move your mouse or perform any other action, two simple borders and a few other options appear. After a few seconds of inaction all of these options slowly fade out.

The upper border includes navigation options including photo numbering and various other. The bottom border provides you with the title of the photo and options including statistics, "Like" or "Comment", if enabled.

The photo itself is displayed in the largest enabled size with all the protection you are used to. If the photo was commented, or featured products have been activated, all these elements are displayed in a side panel.

The improved single photo view is full of details like a mouse cursor changing to an arrow for navigation once you move it to the side or the option to click the picture to return to the album view.