Thursday, August 22, 2013

Self-fulfilled products

We are bringing you a completely new way to take care of your orders. With the self-fulfillment options, you can print your products using your own printing company, add your own merchandise, define the shipping method for each country, and choose the way you will collect your payments. This offers you a whole and complex level of business options.

The whole setup process requires these four settings :

1. Payments collecting. You can either receive payments to your PayPal account automatically and immediately or you can choose "I will collect payments for my orders after the orders are placed". If you choose the first option, the payment will be executed through the integrated PayPal service. If you choose the latter, you must contact your customer and arrange the payment.

2. Shipping options. The options include the name, delivery method, and destination entry, in which you can select e.g. worldwide, EU, or individual states. Also, you can set the maximum number of items per package, the price for the first item and the price for any additional item.

3. Products. You choose the products you will be fulfilling. The options include the name, description, allowing multiple/single item per photo, and cropping requirements.

4. Prices. You need to assign the created products to a price-list.

At this time, all self-fulfilled products are without any fee on our part. The whole feature is included in the business package.

Of course, you can sell the self-fulfilled products along the products printed by our affiliate.

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