Monday, September 30, 2013

One-for-all Organizer for comfortable content organization

Following many changes in the menu organization we have now made the big step. The main drop-down menus contain only the most important tools in an even more comprehensible order. “My Homepage” and “My Albums” are now located under the login name and the “Organize” menu, previously “New”, contains the most important addition of this update - the comfortable one-for-all Organizer uniting category/album/photo arranging, category organizer, and photo tools.

The new Organizer is available through “Organize” >> “Organize Content”. It is also available through other menus to which some of the Organizer features are related.

The Organizer  workspace is completed from two parts - the category-album hierarchy on the left, and the contents on the right. The Organizer supports drag&drop system, both left and right mouse buttons, and multiple selection using CTRL and SHIFT.

The management options include the usual - move, rename, create a new, delete. In the left panel, the available options are accessible using the right mouse button too.

The left panel also includes Featured Albums and Featured Photos. Now it is possible to add, remove and arrange featured photos and featured albums right in the Organizer.

The right panel shows the contents of the selected object on the left - whether it is your homepage, category, album, featured albums or featured photos. It allows selecting multiple items and arranging them. Photos can be copied or moved simply by dragging selected photos to any other album on the left. Categories and Albums can be moved simply by dragging the selected objects to any other category on the left, or one can be dragged within the left panel.

The delete function depends on whether photos are selected in the right panel, if not, it will delete, after confirmation, the category/album selected on the left.

Finally, clicking “DONE” in the upper right corner will return you back to the page you were in when switching to the Organizer.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Email Invitations with Status

One of the most successful methods to reach your audiences has just got a step better. Now you can see which invitation email was sent, received, and if the recipient wishes to receive invitations or not.

There are two sides to the Status report, you as an owner are able to see the status of each of your emails and update your contacts accordingly; and the recipients have the option to unsubscribe from receiving further invitations. For example, if any recipient chooses to unsubscribe, the status of his invitation in the Invitation’s details will change from "OK" to "Recipient blocked future invitations".

The list of potential statuses also include :

This email has been bounced
Reported as SPAM !
Blocked because previous emails were bounced
Blocked because recipient marked previous emails as SPAM !
Blocked because recipient disabled invitations

Please note :  if your email was undelivered for whichever reason - bounced, reported as spam, the recipient unsubscribes, all future emails to that address will be blocked for the duration of such an action.