Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Thumbnails - More of Your Photos

We have just released an upgrade that changes the way your album and category covers are organized and personalized. The upgrade touches on the position and method of displaying titles, dates, and other additional information as well as offers several cropping ratios for your cover photos.

The major change is that from now on, both album and category thumbnails create a mosaic with only minimal borders and the least amount of disruptive elements. This also means that it is no longer possible to use the “original” as the ratio of your photos.

Another major improvement is the option to display your category and album titles above your covers further smoothing the view your visitors are presented with. The alternative choice is to use the newly introduced info box - either to the right or below your cover photos.

These changes cover not only Albums Section and Categories Section but Featured Albums Section too. You can use a different setting for each section, and some options are specific - for example Albums allow large photo covers, while Categories allow the use of lists. And the number of options only starts here.

Our system has tried to adapt your current settings to what we think is the best for you. However, if we did not quite catch your personal taste, you are welcome to customize your layout using the `Tools` > `Customize` panel that is present in the Categories, Albums and Featured Albums home sections.