Saturday, November 23, 2013

A New Way for your Clients to access their Photos

With our newest release, your clients can access their photos in a way that can not be made any simpler.

You give your client just an access code. After your client enters this code on your bluemelon site, his/her album or category immediately opens without further navigation.

Client codes are far more powerful than plain passwords. They not only unlock a specific album or category but link directly to it. The best thing is the code will always work for your client, even when the album is private or password protected. Furthermore, you can associate as many client codes with a single category/album as you like.

A client code can have expiration date if you wish. Also, you can see if the client code has been used, how often, and when was the last time your client visited his/her album or category. Finally, you can delete a client code at any time and thus make it unusable.

You can create and view your client codes by going to "Visitors" >> "Client Access".

To enable Client access on your BlueMelon page, you need only to activate the "Client access" section on your homepage or, you can use a separate "Client access" page, which is available in the menu designer as a built-in page.

More information is available in the "Client Access" support article.

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