Saturday, March 15, 2014

Design Updates

We have made another stride to use the full potential of your screens to present your photos.

There are two basic album layouts to choose from - “thumbnails“ and “combined“. Simply open the “Customize” >> “Album Settings” >> “Album Layout” section for a specific album or the “Customize” >> “Site Settings” >> “Album Layout” for your default albums and choose.

The "thumbnails" view offers an unrestricted view of the maximum number of photo thumbnails fitting the width of your browser window with only album-relevant options. The combined view offers both - photo thumbnails on the left and the selected photo displayed on the right.  The combined view also displays photo-relevant options below the photo - like comments, likes, featured products, or descriptions, if allowed. You as an owner can access the tools for the photo.

The single-photo view has been simplified too. The new design allows more space for text, that does not disturb the photo and can be easily hidden. Tools and other menus were moved to the bottom of the information panel on the right.

"Album - Tools" have been divided among the "Customize" and "Organize" menus at the top.

More is to be expected soon.