Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sales By Day

We are bringing you a new way to review your sales statistics. In the reorganized “Selling” >> “Sales” page, you may now navigate either to “Sales Reports” or to “Sales by Day”.

As the names suggests, the new report is organized by date. At the bottom, you can find the summary for the displayed month. The familiar navigation allows you to page through the months and clicking any date, in which any order was processed, displays the order(s) and allows you to review its/theirs details.

At the bottom of the page, you can see an easily customizable graph. Not only you can display a graph for "sales count", "sales profit", or "cancelled (sales) count" for a longer time period, you may simply zoom the range with your mouse and either print or download it.

The Sales by Day report thus shows both clearly organized data and their separately customizable visual representation as well.  Together with the existing Sales Reports and Traffic Statistics it provides the information base for your successful business operation.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Enhanced Album View

Our latest update improves the behavior of the two album views - thumbnails and combined - with a variety of displays. Also, it allows you a more detailed configuration of the views including the ratio and spacing of the photo thumbnails.

To access the new options, simply navigate to the respective “Settings” >> “Album Layout” page. There are five photo sizes available for “thumbnails” album style and two for “combined”. With the addition of multiple photo ratios and the new photo spacing options, the possibilities are incredible.

Although the changes might seem minor, the flexibility of the design was improved significantly to allow the transition of your content from mobile devices to the biggest screens without the slightest break.