Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Welcome to Journal

Our newest addition to the album styles represents the essence of simplicity - photos that are organized one under another. This option is ideal for albums containing at most dozens of large resolution photos. You will also enjoy it to display photos from your travels whether or not you include extensive description for each photo.

The “journal” album style (“Album Settings” >> “Album Layout”) offers your visitors the largest available resolution of your photos fitted to the visitor’s browser width. It is restricted to a single page, therefore the loading time may become an issue especially for hundreds of photos. The second disadvantage is the lack of additional settings, you can only allow or disallow buttons, titles, descriptions and similar options.

With the “thumbnails“ and “combined“ designs, you or your visitor have the option to choose from three distinct album styles. Unlike the “thumbnails“ and “combined“ styles, you can not enter the single-photo view from the “journal“ album style.

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