Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Registrations are becoming Sub-Accounts

We are upgrading visitor registrations into fully working sub-accounts. The main perk of this upgrade is an improved functionality for both visitors and photo owners. This change will also allow us to build further upon this feature bringing you a unique customer-seller interface.
Once your visitor comes to your bluemelon site, she/he will be able to log in to her/his own sub-account using the registration panel. If she/he is not already registered, an email and password are required to sign up. The registration allows the photos owner to easily view any photos liked or purchases made by the particular visitor.
Sub-accounts are very simple visitor-specific accounts. They do not include storage, no confidential data are required, and each sub-account is connected with a specific bluemelon account only.
Now, you and your visitors have a great way to communicate.

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