Monday, October 3, 2016

New Business Package

Please note that all current subscriptions remain unchanged until their next renewal by default. If you wish to use our new Business Model, contact support and we will upgrade your account free of charge.

The way your customers purchase products has changed significantly. From now on, you set up your own payment processor as a seller. This means that you receive the payments for download products directly to your account. You can choose to use both PayPal and 2Checkout with your Business Package. 

We have lowered the service fee to 8%. For a limited time, this fee can be 0% for the first 100 USD of sales every month.

Other advantages of using separate payment processors include:
  • you gain faster access to the payments and may avoid withdrawals
  • you can customize your payment processing in a greater detail
  • customers can use all common methods of online payments
  • customers can rely on an alternative payment processing in case one fails

The integration of a separate payment processing with BlueMelon is described in "Selling" >> "Dasbhboard" > "Manage Processors".

Due to the infrequent purchases of prints and self-fulfilled products, we have decided to focus our attention on downloads only. This will allow us to continue improving your experience both as a seller and as a customer.

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